Sheet Resistance Measurement

Inline Measuring Systems

EddyCus® TF inline

  • +  Contact-free and real-time
  • +  0.001 - 1,000 Ohm/sq (by one sensor)
  • +  In- and ex-vacuo versions
  • +  Single-lane and multi-lane solutions
  • +  Up to 3,000 samples/second

Sheet Resistance Measurement

The EddyCus® TF inline series combines standardized and customized hardware for integrated quality assurance in automated production lines. Testing tasks for inline applications involve thickness and sheet resistivity meas­ure­ment. The Eddy Current facilitates the com­pre­hen­sive monitoring of deposition processes over the entire production width. The available hardware platform provides a high degree of variability and flexibility according  to specific customer requirements. This non-contact inline solution is beneficial for quality assurance for:
  • Deposition processes
  • Annealing processes
  • Doping processes

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  • Architectural glass
  • Touch screens and Flat monitors
  • OLED applications
  • Smart-Glass applications
  • Transparent antistatic foils
  • Photovoltaic cells
  • De-icing and heating applications
  • Batteries
Transparent Thin Films Metallic Thin Films
ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) Aluminum
Carbon nano tubes and nano buds Molybdenum
Graphene films Silver
Metal nano wires and nano grids Copper
Nano particle films and many more

Software & Handling

The EddyCus® TF inline control software provides modules for data depiction, data storage, data review, and data export. The system is connected to an industrial computer or MES via Ethernet, RS 232, or RS 485 connection for data exchange.
  • Real-time depiction of sheet resistance or thickness
  • Inc. SQL Database for comprehensive data storage and analysis
  • Data review, statistically summaries and reports
  • Various interfaces available
SURAGUS Control Software for Sheet Resistance Analysis

EddyCus® TF inline

EddyCus® TF inline comprises sheet resistance and layer thickness measurement solutions for inline measurement quality assurance and process control.

  • Sheet resistance monitoring [Ohm/sq]
  • Thin film thickness monitoring [nm]
  • Wall thickness monitoring of low and high conductive substrates [µm]
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Non-Contact Testing System Sheet Resistance Analysis

Performance & Setup

EddyCus® TF inline
Measurement gap size 1 / 5 / 10 / 25 / 50 mm (other on request)
Number of sensor pairs 1-99
Subtrates Glass/PET-foils/wafer
Conductive layers Metals / TCO / CNT / Nanowires / Graphene / Grids
Sheet resistance range covered by every sensor 0.001 – 10 Ohm/sq < 2% accuracy
10 – 100 Ohm/sq < 3% accuracy
100 – 1,000 Ohm/sq < 5% accuracy
Environment Ex-vacuo/in-vacuo
< 60°C/140°F (on request < 90°C/194°F)
Sample rate 1 / 10 /50 /100 /1,000 samples per second (higher on request)
Thickness 2 nm to 2 mm in accordance with sheet resistance
Further integrated measurements Substrate thickness and temperature/
optical transmission
Further integrated availabe features Hardware trigger/DMC or bar code reader