Sheet Resistance Measurement

Mapping Solutions

EddyCus® TF map 2525SR
EddyCus® TF map 5050SR

  • +  Contact-free and fast high resolution mapping
  • +  0.001 to 1,000 Ohm/sq
  • +  Extensive data analysis

Sheet Resistance Measurement

The EddyCus® TF map 2525SR and 5050SR are especially designed for contactless real-time thickness and sheet resistance determination of low and high conductive thin films on glass, wafer, plastics or foils. The device allows accurate and fast high spatial resolution mapping of sheet resistance of conductive films and metal film thickness monitoring.   This non-contact mapping solution is beneficial for the quality assurance for:
  • Deposition processes
  • Annealing processes
  • Doping processes

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  • Architectural glass
  • Touch screens & flat monitors
  • OLED applications
  • Smart-glass applications
  • Transparent antistatic foils
  • Photovoltaic cells
  • De-icing & heating applications
  • Batteries
Transparent Thin Films Metallic Thin Films
TCO (ITO, FTO, AZO, ATO) Aluminum
Carbon Nano Tubes and Nano Buds Molybdenum
Graphene Films Silver
Metal Nano Wires and Nano Grids Copper
Nano Particle Films any many more

Software & Handling

The sheet resistance analyzer is a user-friendly software for system configuration and data review. The results of the testing processes are illustrated with graphical displays. Additional histograms and software tools enable a detailed sheet resistance meas­ure­ment system.
  • Quick automated mapping
  • User-friendly statistical analysis
  • Analysis and data export function
Sheet Resistance Analyzer Software Control

EddyCus® TF map 2525SR

EddyCus® TF map 5050SR

EddyCus® TF map 2525SR and 5050SR are gauges for fast mapping of sheet resistance, thickness, layer homogeneity, and conductivity effects and defects of conductive films and thin material systems on glass, wafer, and foils. There are different non-contact testing solutions available suiting different requirements.

  • Sheet resistance monitoring [Ohm/sq]
  • Thin film thickness monitoring [nm]
  • Wall thickness monitoring of low and high conductive substrates [µm]
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Download Data Sheet
EddyCus® TF map 2525SR
Download Data Sheet
EddyCus® TF map 5050SR
Non-Destructive Testing Device TF map 5050SR

Performance & Setup

EddyCus® TF map 2525SR EddyCus® TF map 5050SR
Sheet Resistance Measurement yes
Thickness Measurement yes
Optical transmission optional
Anisotropy determination optional
Sheet resistance & metal thickness measurement Non-contact eddy current sensor
Substrate thickness measurement Ultrasonic sensor
Max. scanning area 10 inch / 254 x 254 mm
(larger on request)
20 inch / 508 x 508 mm
(larger on request)
Max. sample thickness
(defines distances)
2 / 5 / 10 mm (other on request)
(Defined by the thickest sample/application)
Sheet resistance range 0.001 – 10 Ohm/sq < 2% accuracy
10 – 100 Ohm/sq < 3% accuracy
100 – 1.000 Ohm/sq < 5% accuracy
Scanning time
@ 1 – 10 mm measurement pitch
4 inch / 100 x 100 mm in 0.5 to 5 minutes
8 inch / 200 x 200 mm in 1.5 to 15 minutes
8 inch / 200 x 200 mm in 1.5 to 15 minutes
12 inch / 300 x 300 mm in 3 to 30 minutes
Thickness mapping of metal films (e.g. copper) 2 nm – 2 mm
(in accordance with sheet resistance range)
Scanning pitch 1 / 2 / 5 / 10 mm (other on request)
Device size (h/w/d) 230 / 600 / 800 mm 290 / 1180 / 900 mm
Weight 27.0 kg 120.0 kg
Available features Metal thickness tester
Anisotropy sheet resistance sensor
Optical transmission sensors at 632 nm wavelength