Sheet Resistance Measurement

Single Point Measurement Devices

EddyCus® TF lab Series

  • Contact-free and real-time
  • 0.001 to 1,000 Ohm/sq
  • Measurement of encapsulated layers

Sheet Resistance Measurement

The EddyCus® TF lab series testing devices are designed for single-point contact-free real-time thickness and sheet resistance measurement of low and highly conductive thin films on glass, wafers,  plastics, or foils. The devices are also ap­pli­cable for real-time film thickness measurements of conductive materials such as metal foils and sheets.




  • Architectural glass
  • Touch screens and flat monitors
  • OLED applications
  • Smart-glass applications
  • Transparent antistatic foils
  • Photovoltaic cells
  • De-icing and heating applications
  • Batteries
Transparent Thin Films Metallic Thin Films
TCO (ITO, AZO, FTO) Aluminum
Graphene Molybdenum
CNT (Carbon Nano Tubes) Zinc
Metal Nano Wires Silver
and many more and many more

Software & Handling

EddyCus® TF lab control is a user-friendly software for sheet resistance measurement, data tracking, and data analysis. SURAGUS offers touch screen software that is optimized with a notebook or tablet PC to provide a system with high usability.
  • Real-time measurment of sheet resistance or thickness
  • Mapping module for guided manual mapping
  • Collection of data sets, savings, and data export function
  • Software instantly shows sheet resistance or according layer or substrate thickness




Single Point Devices

EddyCus® TF lab 2020 Series

EddyCus® TF lab 2020SR


EddyCus® TF lab 2020SR is a single-point sheet resistance and layer thickness measuring device for smaller samples in laboratory applications.

  • Sheet resistance monitoring [Ohm/sq]
  • Thin film thickness monitoring [nm]
  • Film thickness monitoring of low and high conductive substrates [µm]


Single Point Sheet Resistance Tester TF lab 2020 SR PDF 875.9 KB

EddyCus® TF lab 4040 Series

EddyCus® TF lab 4040SR

EddyCus® TF lab 4040SR is a single-point measuring device for quick non-contact film characterization of sheet resistance and layer thickness of larger samples in laboratories, R&D centers, and quality assurance departments of manufacturing firms.

  • Sheet resistance measurement of multilayer systems on request (feasibility study)
  • Layer and substrate thickness monitoring [nm]





Performance & Setup

  EddyCus TF lab 2020SR EddyCus TF lab 4040SR
Sheet resistance measurement Eddy current sensor
Substrate thickness measurement On request
Substrate area 200 x 200 mm² 400 x 400 mm²
Max. sample thickness
(influences gap size)
up to 14mm (20 mm possible)
(Defined by the thickest sample/application)
1 / 2 / 5 / 10 / 18 mm (50 mm possible)
(Defined by the thickest sample/application)
Sheet resistance range 0.0001 – 10 Ohm/sq; 2 % accuracy & 1 % repeatability
10 – 100 Ohm/sq; 3 % accuracy & 1.5 % repeatability
100 – 500 Ohm/sq; 4 % accuracy & 2 % repeatability
100 – 1,000 Ohm/sq; 5 % accuracy & 2.5 % repeatability
1,000 – 3,000 Ohm/sq; 8 % accuracy & 4 % repeatability
Thickness measurement of thin films In accordance with sheet resistance
Device sizes (h/w/d) 445 / 290 / 140 mm 660 / 760 / 310 mm